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I submited a request to join the team of Tarjemly Live and no one contacted me what should I do?

After 10 days from submitting the joining request to the team of Tarjemly Live and no one contacted you, you should contact the HR team on this e-mail : hr@tarjemly-live.com

How can I know the professional translator to request him?

The translators in Tarjemly Live have to pass an acceptance exam before adding them to the list of translators. But you also can distinguish the best translator by visiting his profile and checking his rating.

What is the blue badge beside the name of the translator?

The blue badge is the highest rank of reliance and guaranty to the translator which he gets after a long time of working in the field of translation in the platform of Tarjemly Live.

Why do I have to choose the type of translation before contacting the translator?

As the translator in most cases can't know all the expressions in the language so we test them and we put each translator in a category where he can perform correctly.

How can I top up my balance?

You can top up your balance by buying our prepaid cards from the markets in your town, or by using PayPal or credit card. Download the application to know where our prepaid cards are sold

Is there a charging commission?

There is no charging commission from the user. You will get all The money you charge your account with

Is there a validity period of my balance?

There’s no validity period of the balance in the current time, and you can use your balance for any sort of translation.

My balance is finished and now my balance is appearing as a negative balance, why?

In case you used balance more than you have, we will lend you some balance and the negative balance will be subtracted as soon as you charge any our Tarjemly Live prepaid cards