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Tarjemly Live company released its beta to users and translators on 2/15/2016 on android, and it started its website on the web and the reason to release the beta is that the users and translators get to try the service which Tarjemly Live provides.

And to hear their thoughts and recommendations and then release the full mobile app on iPhone devices.

Tarjmly Live was created from the difficulty which Arab and foreigners face when they come to Turkey for tourism or residence purposes, the difficulty is in differences in languages, and the difficulty of the Turkish language, so it became a must to start an e-platform to help tourists and residents and to offer them translation services of all types.

Phone Translation (live):

Phone translation is available on mobile app Tarjemly Live (Android - iPhone) which allows the user to contact and to get the help of an interpreter to translate what you want, the user can choose the languages he wants the translation from and to (Arabic - Turkish - English) and he can also select the Type of the Translation (medical, touristic, business  or general). At the end of the call the user is charged for the minutes he spoke.

Phone Translation (conference):

Conference Phone Translation is available On Mobile app Tarjemly Live (Android - IPhone) which Allows The user to Contact the translator and to add him to a conference call to be as a meeting call between the user, The Translator and the person Which the user wants to Communicate With. The user can choose The

SMS Translation:

SMS translation is available on the website and the mobile app of Tarjemly Live (Android - iPhone) which allows the user to photograph the papers or the documents by the camera of his mobile phone or to choose the text in (MS Word - PDF) or even import text messages and to send them to Tarjemly Live, and the translation team will translate the text after the user select the languages he wants the translation from and to (Arabic - Turkish - English). The cost is determined by the number of the translated words and the language of the translation


You can download the mobile app from here: