Terms Of Use

Tarjemly Live aims to provide a secure electronic platform which provide translation services with all its kinds to users and to provide work opportunities to translators to make extra living. We hope that the users will to understand the content of the conditions of use and if you don’t agree we hope you won’t use our website or our application and not to sign up.

By using our platform you agree to all these terms and conditions.

Your account at Tarjemly Live

The validity of the information the user provides us

The user guarantee that all the information he added at his account Tarjemly Live is correct completely, and the user is fully responsible for any false information he adds

Not to register more than one account.

The user commits not to register more than an account, Tarjemly Live, in case he faces a problem with his first account then he has to follow-up with the technical support team to solve the problem.

The age of user must be more than 16 years.

The registered user in Tarjemly Live commits that his age is more than 16 years, the technical support team may ask for documents to prove your age.

Suspending an account and asking for documents about it.

Tarjemly Live is a commercial platform, the technical support team may suspend the account of any user if they have doubts about it or in case he doesn’t follow the terms and conditions of our platform.

Tarjemly Live has the right to ask for personal documents about the user to prove his identity to reactivate the account, also we may ask for documents to prove the user owns a PayPal account or a credit card.

Not following the conditions and suspending the account.

Tarjemly Live platform has the right to suspend the account that don’t follow the terms and conditions or which cause harm to the platform or to its users permanently without telling the user first or warning him.

The Username

The username must be his phone number and it’s forbidden to use the phone number of another person. The technical support team has the right to make sure that the phone number provided by the user is his official phone number by sending a confirming text to the saved number as username.

Return of Founds

Returning the balance is a process which relays upon many conditions, like:

The method of payment, as for example if the payment method doesn’t have returning money option then Tarjemly Live can’t do that. Generally; balances could be returned back in maximum 30 days start from the day of topping up the account and we can’t return the founds after this time.

The presence of a true problem according to the report of the technical support team about the problem.

So we hope that the user by reading the terms of the method of payment before you use it and then following with the technical support team in Tarjemly Live.

Account Suspending

*using a stolen or un owned method of payment.

*harassing or harming any other user or the platform of Tarjemly Live.

*trying to hack the platform of Tarjemly Live the website or the app