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Available on Android and iOS


  • Voice translation for tourists and foreign residents in Turkey
  • Text translation of the text messages and documents
  • Translators are present around the clock
  • Available in three languages (Arabic - English - Turkish)
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Available on Android and iOS
Do you require a professional translation?
  • Professional document interpretation
  • Diverse and comprehensive specialties in all concerned departments
  • Affordable prices, excellent quality and efficient work
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Your translator is close to you, accompanies you wherever you go.

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  • Professional and reliable translators.
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Your translator is close to you, accompanies you wherever you go.

Our Services

T-Live platform offers a variety of translation
services for residents and tourists.

Live phone translation

Call an interpreter who will translate all your discussions through T-live app.

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Live text translation

You have received an SMS text or picture, send it to our translators through an application.

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Professional document translation

Translate documents with the best service and high reliability via T-live app.

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Request an interpreter

Whenever you need an interpreter, he will always be available for you through T-live app.

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Best wishes and may God not waste your efforts

Mostafa Abbas

Best wishes. May God gives you good luck with this service and we thank all those who work to provide this service.

Ahmed Fadel

Good gives you will being. That’s the Syrian youth we are proud of

Hossam Abdallah

Creative idea, I hope you the best

Hassan Mousa

Nice project and a great idea. Hope you the best

Abdel Rahman Alshafae

If the good wills the results will be fascinating with all my wishes of success

Mojahed Akil
Executive manager - Tarjemly Live


Get to know the most important four features in T-Live mobile app

Easy Interfaces

Interfaces of Tarjemly live gives you the ability to access any section and translate easily

High Confidence

We provide you with reliable translators that you can trust and depend on.

Save Time

You can call the translator, send a text, ask for a document translation, or even request an interpreter to assist you wherever you are and you will get within minutes.

Affordable Prices

The prices of our services are considered low and allow you to expect great service

How to use Tarjemly app

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